The Big Inhale (cover story)
On a barren lava plateau in Iceland, a new facility is sucking in air and stashing the carbon dioxide in rock. The next step: Build 10,000 more.
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The Robot Assault on Fukushima
The 2011 earthquake and tsunami in Japan triggered a devastating catastrophe in one of the country’s largest nuclear power plants. The cleanup will take decades, and it’s no job for humans.
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The Bodyhunters
Some 83,000 members of the U.S. military are missing. This group tries to bring them home.
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Massive Biometric Project Gives Millions of Indians an ID
iDentified: A massive biometrics program aims to scan the eyeballs of every person in India.
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WiredDeadly Weapon
In prisons across America, convicts are using smuggled cell phones to run gangs, plan escapes, even order hits on witnesses. These guys may be in solitary, but they know where your family
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DiscoverHow Do You Train Astronauts When You Don’t Have Any Spaceships?
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WiredBaghdad, USA
Roadside bombs. Hostile insurgents. 1,200 extras in Arab dress. Welcome to Louisiana and the Army camp known as the Box, where the violence is fake but the fear is for real.
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Finding Water from Outer Space
A globe-trotting geologist uses satellites to find water under some of the world’s thirstiest places.

Space Invader
Robert Bigelow made a fortune from his hotel chain, Budget Suites. Now he wants to launch a network of inflatable, modular space pods into orbit. Uses: Research, tourism…and making contact with aliens.
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