Criminal Justice

Prescription for Death Playboy logo
How painkillers destroyed the town of War, West Virginia

The Cruelest Prison
Is “supermaximum” Pelican Bay State Prison a breeding ground for insanity?

Kids Locked Up for Life
Should juvenile offenders be sentenced to life in prison?
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Lethal Sting
How the War on Drugs Killed a College Student

The Ultimate Forgiveness
What motivates people who befriend the murderer of someone they loved?

Obama’s Drug Past Isn’t Hurting Him –
But Thousands Aren’t So Lucky

A brilliant but troubled CalTech student may have been convicted of a crime he didn’t commit.

Debt to Society: The Real Price of Prisons
(This link takes you to the website of a six month investigative project which I edited and produced. I also wrote one of the articles it includes: How We Got to Two Million.)

Boyz on the Rez
American Indian gangs.

Pensioners or Prisoners?
A new niche market: private prisons for the elderly.

Lucky To Be Alive
How dozens of men and women were exonerated from death row.
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Look for the Prison Label
American companies are tapping a new labor force – convicts.