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The World's Disappearing Sand 
Sand is the essential ingredient that makes modern life possible. And we are starting to run out.
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The Deadly Global War for Sand
Battles sparked by sand mining have reportedly killed hundreds in recent years—including police officers, government officials, and ordinary people.
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The Deluge
A new era of fossil fuels is reshaping global economics and politics — and the planet.
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Playboy logoOverdose County, USA
Why do prescription drugs kill so many people?

Wired magazine logoOrganizing Armageddon
What the Haiti earthquake teaches us about the science of coming to the rescue.
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Harpers magazine logoPaper Trail of Tears
How casino-rich tribes are dealing members out.
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The New Executive Class
Forget overpaid CEOs. Even third-tier execs in American companies are getting enormous salaries — as wages and benefits for many workers stagnate or fall.
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The Cruelest Prison
Is "supermaximum" Pelican Bay State Prison a breeding ground for insanity?
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Lethal Sting: How the War on Drugs Killed a College Student

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The Ultimate Forgiveness
What motivates people who befriend the murderer of someone they loved?
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Kids Locked Up for Life
Should juvenile offenders be sentenced to life in prison?
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Massive Biometric Project Gives Millions of Indians an ID
iDentified: A massive biometrics program aims to scan the eyeballs of every person in India.
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Deadly Weapon
In prisons across America, convicts are using smuggled cell phones to run gangs, plan escapes, even order hits on witnesses. These guys may be in solitary, but they know where your family lives.
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Discover How Do You Train Astronauts When You Don't Have Any Spaceships?
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Baghdad, USA
Roadside bombs. Hostile insurgents. 1,200 extras in Arab dress. Welcome to Louisiana and the Army camp known as the Box, where the violence is fake but the fear is for real.
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An Interview with David Simon
A day with the creator of "The Wire" and "Treme."
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The Father of Lethal Injection
He wanted to make capital punishment kinder. Instead, he believes, he made it easier.
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Paul Haggis
A conversation with the writer/director of "Crash" and "Million Dollar Baby"
The Progressive
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